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Only for people who can discern fiction from reality.



The Harlotts


Sabrina Harlott

(uncolorized pic here)

  Sabrina Harlott

Marine Harlott

Sabrina's elder daughter.

(uncolorized pic here)


Clara Harlott

Sabrina's younger daughter.

(uncolorized pic here)


New boobs

Clara and Sabrina

(uncolorized pic here)


Laura Carmine

Sister of Sabrina and mother of Tim.

She's an air hostess for a company flying in seventh heaven.



  The Harlott Sisters

Clara and Marine


Family Fun

Clara and Tim

On holiday at his aunt's home, Tim shares Clara's bedroom

(inacheved fifth picture here)






For some reasons, Tim loves his holidays at his aunt's house.



  Sabrina baby-sits the Tricard Boys

  Some kind of Super Deformed characters


Sabrina and Clara fucking two lucky guys


The big wonder.

Clara introduces a newcomer in her school to her mother .




Healthy foods for a healthy life.


All girls in the family.

From left to right : Clara, Marine, Sabrina and Laura Harlott.


Sabrina's Christmas.

Sabrina Harlott
Entertaining a guest
Clara shows her love for big fat cocks.
Passed out.
When her mother passed out, Clara has all the cocks for herself.




The Domokus



Best friend and colleague of Sabrina.

(uncolorized picture)



This little minx is Clara's friend and the halfcaste daughter of Coralie.


Wet Game

With Coralie, Nadia and Emilie.


Good friends

Sabrina and Coralie share everything.

        The Domokus in SD



The Bimbos Makers


Dr Gnom with Kika Neko and Lili Putt.

Despite his mental instability, Herr Doktor Gnom is a great doctor, and when it come to plastic surgery he's one of the best. It has been said that he can turn a toad to a princess.
But his personnal interests reside in major female body and mental transformations. Through advanced surgery, hormonal treatments and mental conditioning, he achieves impressive results. His masterpiece is Miss Irma Vandeputt, previously ultra-feminist and balls breaker, she now calls herself Lili Putt and is all men nymphomaniac sex toy.

He's the surgeon the girls here turn to when they want a little improvement.


Nurse Bambi.

The devoted assistant of good Dr Gnom.


Christina Spears
That's young and skinny doll is the new rising popsinger for teens. She wanted bigger boobs, enough to be sexier than her rivals but not too much so she can pretend it's a natural grow spurt.
Good Dr Gnom may have slightly overdone it (physically and mentally), but that's not a problem. She doesn't have enough working neurons left to complain, and she now has a lot more fun.


Rebecca Sharcs


Rebecca Sharcs

...and after.


Fellow Debauched

Sister Cunt (previously Sister Eve)

A real nun turned bad.

Now known as Sister Cunt of the Revealed Orgasmic Truth, she has undertook to convert the masses to the Church she has between her legs

(uncolorized pic, background pic)


Young Bimbo


  Young Bimbo
    Bad Families

The Tricards.

With three vicious triplets and a sex-obsessed husband, Mrs Tricard has lot to do. Fortunately, it helps that she's a complete slut.


Emilie Jolie

Years ago, she stared in a musical comedy for children. Then she turned bad.

Young Bimbo

part 2


Young Bimbo

part 2





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